Berlin Manhole Cover

Berlin Manhole Cover


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"Exclusively redesigned manhole covers are now on your walls! So they will not only cover your nose from stinky things but also renew your mind as such a decoration idea."

    • Unique design
    • Matte Black Paint
    • 2 mm thick metal
    • 27.5" W x 27.5" H
    • 5.5 Ib
    • Package sizes:  28.7" x 28.7" x 1.5"
    • Package weight: 7.2 Ib
    • Easy to hang, all you need is a nail and a hammer
    • The product stands 0.6" from the wall.
    • Entire shipping service is free.
    • Ships by DHL Express
    • 3-4 days delivery to United States
    • Please contact us for further information and any questions